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Easy Oil Paintings for Beginners -Oil Painting Techniques 2017-01-19
Our professional oil painting artists select severl easy oil paintings for the beginners to start from and provide ten helpful tips. Hope you can benefit from this article...
Camille Pissarro's Painting Style and Techniques 2014-05-08
Camille Pissarro was a Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter born on the island of St Thomas. His importance resides in his contributions to both Impressionism and Post-Impressionism...
Claude Monet's Impressionism Painting Techniques 2014-05-07
There are two common misnomers about Claude Monet. The first is that, as an Impressionist, Claude Monet's paintings were done spontaneously. In fact, Claude Monet studied his subjects intently, planned his paintings, and worked hard to achieve his results...
Vincent Van Gogh Drawing Style and Techniques 2014-05-06
Typical colors in Van Gogh's palette included yellow ocher, chrome yellow and cadmium yellow, chrome orange, vermilion, Prussian blue, ultramarine, lead white and zinc white, emerald green, red lake, red ocher, raw sienna, and black...
Leonardo Da Vinci's Sfumato Painting Technique 2014-05-05
There are two classic styles of painting which we associate with the Old Masters, sfumato and chiaroscuro, and they are as alike as cheese and chalk. But we still manage to confuse them, and which artists made use of which styles...
Oil Painting Techniques of the Old Masters: Leonardo Da Vinci 2014-05-04
Leonardo da Vinci would first create a detailed underpainting in a neutral gray or brown, then apply his colors in transparent glazes on top. Some of the underpainting would show through the layers, subtly helping to create form...
Animal Painting Techinques & Tutorials 2014-05-01
Are you confused on how to paint beautiful animal paintings? The following are 15 tips about animal painting techniques and turorials, which were written by our talented and experienced animal painting artists. Hope they can be helpful for you...
10 Most Helpful Oil Painting Tips for Beginners 2014-04-30
Do you have a dream that you can paint beautiful and expressive oil paintings by yourself? According to my experiences of painting for more than 35 years, I would like to give you 10 helpful oil painting tips for beginners...
Portrait Painting Techniques in Watercolor Art--Professiona Tutorial 2014-04-29
Watercolor painting is one of the oldest and arguably greatest techniques of painting, which has been becoming more and more popular. The upsurge in popularity is most assuredly owed, in no small part, to its versatility and simplicity, which give one an opportunity to...
Abstract Acrylic Painting Techniques on Canvas for Beginners 2014-04-27
Once you have all the basic materials to begin acrylic abstract painting, how do you actually get started? This article will give you several helpful tips on how to begin acrylic abstract painting on canvas...
Acrylic Landscape Oil Painting Techniques Step by Step 2014-04-26
There’s something about a spectacular landscape that makes my fingers itch to capture its essence on canvas, to be able to create a acrylic landscape oil painting that generates the same intense emotion in someone who views the painting as the landscape did in me.Here are acrylic landcape painting techniques step by step for your next acrylic landscape painting...
Best Instructions for "How to Paint a Wall Mural?" (Wall Painting Techniques) 2014-03-26
This article will instruct you on "how to paint a good wall mural painting" detailedly. You can learn many techniques about wall mural painting from it as well......
Analysis of Camille Pissarro's Painting Style 2014-03-21
Camille Pissarro's art career was a long and arduous search for the perfect method of expressing himself and his ideas indeed. Younger painters, beginning with Cezanne in 1882, Gauguin in 1877, and later Matisse and Picabia sought him out. Cezanne revered him, saying he was like father to him. Mary Cassatt thought he was such a great teacher he could have taught the stones to draw well......
Oil Painting Portrait Techniques-22 Helpful Tips 2013-04-04
Watercolor Painting Techniques for Kids 2012-03-17
Watercolor painting is one of kids' favorite art! It is so easy and convenient to pull out that long box of paints, grab a paintbrush and pour a jar of water, and then let the fun begin. The following are ten Watercolor Painting Techniques for Kids to make those watercolor sessions...
American University Arts Management Department Faculty Information 2012-02-28
Ten Oil Painting Techniques for Beginners 2012-02-27
Abstract Oil Painting Techniques 2012-02-26
Watercolor Painting Tutorial 2011-04-29
Acrylic Paint Tips 2011-03-30
The Process of Painting 2010-06-25
Tips on How to Choose Oil Paintings 2010-05-31
Advantage of Making Your Own Paint While Painting 2010-05-09
There are many advantages in making your own paint while painting. The ingredients are readily obtainable, and the process is straightforward. The paint made in this way is also cheaper.
Some Tips on Still Life Painting 2010-05-07
The following several tips may be helpful for still life painting: 1. In composition, objects can either go across a shallow depth of field or into the canvas. ...
Make It Simple----Suggestion for oil painting learner. 2010-05-06
Oil painting is straightforward, far simpler than etching or even watercolor painting. If you can see something, you can paint it in oils.
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