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Acrylic Paint Tips
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The following is one article about acrylic paint tips for you:

Acrylic Painting has become extremely popular today with artists and crafts men and women all over the world.  No longer do we have to worry about odors and allergies to solvents, so common to oil painting.  Another advantage of painting with acrylics is their versatility of use and their relatively quick drying time (often just a few minutes.)  However, if a longer drying time is needed in specific instances, a medium for use with acrylic paints has been developed.  For these reasons, acrylic painting is often considered a much more desirable method of painting.

Special Acrylic Paints:
 Acrylic paints are not to be used just for art canvas.  Special acrylic paints have been developed for a variety of uses.  For instance, one can now buy paints specifically for use on fabrics, totally washable and durable, giving one the option to add real flair to an otherwise plain piece of clothing.  If one is involved with scrapbook and card making, why not add a personal touch to your projects with acrylic paint for paper?  If you want to brighten up your kitchen and dining table, consider new acrylic paints for glass and china.  This paint allows us to turn an ordinary piece of glass ware into an elegant and expensive-looking personal accomplishment.  An added benefit is that this paint, when allowed to dry properly, will stay beautiful through many dishwasher cycles when loaded on the top rack.  However,  one thing we must be aware of is that this acrylic paint must not be applied in an area which touches the mouth or food.

Learn to paint:
Learning acrylic painting is not as daunting as it may seem.  Many acrylic artists and instructors have developed their own methods, tools, techniques and instructions, making the learning process much easier.  Donna Dewberry says that any one who can draw a stick figure can learn to paint using the One Stroke method which she developed, and which is so popular today.  For those hesitant to try free-hand painting, stencils for all subjects and designs are available in various sizes, from very small to very large.  Want to paint a mural on your wall?  Use stencils and acrylic paints.

Tubes or JARS?
 When using acrylic paints, there are several points to keep in mind.  These paints consist of pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer binder to which water has been added.  They are available in tubes and in jars.  The tube paint, as you probably know, is much thicker and can be used directly from the tube or diluted with water.  Acrylic paint in jars has already been diluted to a 'flowing' consistency.  Both are suitable paints and dry to a smooth, shiny finish.  This is no surprise as acrylic paint is just that - acrylic, or more commonly,  plastic.
Tips for clearning-up:
Because acrylic paints are water-based, clean up is fairly easy.  Soap and water is used,  NOT turpentine or other paint thinners, but this must be done before the paint dries.  Synthetic brushes are generally used as the alkaline in the paint is hard on brushes made from natural hair.  You can ruin an expensive brush in a hurry if care is not taken.  Brushes must be kept moist or cleaned immediately.  Since, as mentioned before, these paints contain acrylics, despite the fact that they are water-based, once dry they are extremely hard,  if not impossible,  to remove from brushes.


Tag: Acrylic Paint Tips

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