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Oil Painting Restorer-Best Oil Painting Restoration Service!
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Oil Painting Restorer-Best Oil Painting Restoration Service from China Romandy Art:

Founded in 2001, Xiamen Romandy Art Co., Ltd. is one of leading oil painting suppliers engaging in the production of handmade oil paintings in China.

Since establishing, we have been starting the services of oil painting restoration and conservation for collectors and galleries from all over the world. We have many experienced painting artists who are good at restoring different kinds of oil paintings.

Contact Info:

Manager: Kevin Pan




1) Do you restore any kinds of oil paintings?

Yes. We work on oil paintings on any supporting material, (For example:canvas, board, wooden panel, metal panel), from all periods,  and at all levels of difficulty from a simple clean through to complex projects.

2) How much will the restoring work cost?

This depends on the amount of work involved. We have to see the photo of oil painting in order to assess the work. All our work is of the highest quality, minimal intervention and therefore represents good value for money.

3) Do you re-paint?

NO. In essence we retouch the painting only where paint is missing or worn, avoiding interfering with the original work of the artist. Retouching is painstaking and time-consuming, using fine sable brushes, working on small areas at a time, ensuring a perfect colour mix and matching the artist’s original brush strokes. We follow the ethical restoration standards of minimal intervention and reversibility.

4) Do you work out on site?

Usually, the majority of our work takes place in our purpose-built Studio where we have all the facilities available (including good light!). However, we can work out on site where necessary.

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