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Seven Tips for you to Take Care of your Oil Paintings
  2010-05-09 23:07:07 Author:SystemMaster Source: Size of the characters:[big][middle][small]

My friends, do you know how to take care of your oil paintings?

Hereunder are seven tips available for you to keep in mind.

1. Frame the painting up! This is to ensure that your precious painting is protected from external damage like knocks. If you are unsure, you can bring it to a local framer and even choose the design which you desire! However, do not use a glass to frame your artwork as it will damage the delicate surface of the oil painting.

2. Never touch the surface of your oil painting when handling your piece of artwork. Be sure to hold it up by the sides of the wooden frames

3. Expose your painting to the least amount of environmental damage as possible. You should never expose it to extreme heat, cold or humidity. Such changes in temperature will cause the frequent expansion and contraction of the canvas and the stretchers, which will in turn damage the integrity of the oil paint.

4. Avoid placing your painting in extreme light of darkness. Extensive exposure to light causes the painting to fade away while being kept in darkness for too long will deepen the colour of the painting as well.

5. Apply a layer of varnish to the painted surface of your oil painting to serve as an extra layer of protection from the environment.

6.Do not leave the paintings near or on pointed objects. These sharp edges could inflict dents or cuts on your fine portraits, hence disfiguring them. 7. Dust your paintings occasionally to prevent dirt from accumulating. Use soft and clean brushes to brush the dirt off gently or a dry micro fibre cloth to lift these particles up. Alternatively, you can also employ a low power vacuum with a brush attachment.

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