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How to Frame an Oil Painting
  2012-02-01 21:29:02 Author:SystemMaster Source: Size of the characters:[big][middle][small]

Are you confusing on how to frame an oil painting by yourself? Congratulation! You have come to the right place. The following article will provide you very detailed tips on how to frame an oil painting in the right way:

How to Frame an Oil Painting by yourself?

If you are an oil painting collector, then you will need to know how to frame an oil painting by yourself, as it will be really quite expensive if have someone professionally framed, definitely it would increase your expenses. Although professional framers are skilled and experienced at choosing frames to suit the piece and the framing process can be a time-consuming job, not everyone can shell out the money for it. You can do it by yourself with a frame from a hobby store for a cost-conscious result.

Materials that you will need:Framed Oil Paintings
1. Frame
2. Screwdriver
3. Oil Painting
4. Nail or Hook
5. Offset Clips
6. Strap Hangers
7. Number Eight Screws
8. Picture Hanging Wire

After getting the above materials ready, we are going to the details step by step as following:

First step:
Have a visit to your local store for hobby or crafts, pick out the glassless and backless frames.

Second step: Find a frame which can be suitable for your art oil painting. What you should remember is that the inside dimensions of the frame that should match the oil painting’s dimensions.

Third step: Look for a delicate frame which won’t distract from the oil painting itself. You should make sure the style of the frame can be coincident with your interior decor. Simple, flat black or brown frames can set off nearly any style of painting nicely. Metallic frames with ornate carvings should be reserved for traditional paintings such as portraits oil painting, landscapes oil painting and still-life.

Forth step:
Test your new frame against your handmade oil painting to make sure that they can be coordinating.

Hope the above tips can be helpful on framing your oil paintings. Thank you for reading.

Edited by Kevin from Xiamen Romandy Art Limited.
(Xiamen Romandy Art is a professional oil paintings supplier from China. If you want to
convert your photos into high quality oil paintings, or you want the masterpiece oil painting reproductions, please don's hesitate to contact with us.)
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