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Annibale Carracci Painting- Landcacpe with Fishing Scene

Annibale Carracci Painting- Landcacpe with Fishing Scene BAP-004

Annibale Carracci Painting Reproduction in Museum quality!

Painting name: Landscape with Fishing Scene (C.1588)

Original size: 53*100in / 136*255cm (Oil on canvas)

Reproduced by our local famous painting artists in real museum quality standard. If the clients are not satisfactory with our quality after receiving paintings, we must refund the payment by 100%.

Introduction on Annibal Carracci:

Annibale Carracci (From November 3, 1560 – July 15, 1609) is the forgotten artist of the 17th century. A quiet, introverted man, his conspicuous lack of torrid love affairs, salacious scandals, or violent behavior have lead to his gradual disappearance on the horizon of famous artists.

Until now, contemporary art lovers have been far more attracted to the scandalous controversy caused by artists like Caravaggio and may even prefer the more rebellious artist's dark and tortured paintings.

Yet, the art of Annibale Carracci was far more influential in the course of Baroque art. His style was revolutionary for its unprecedented naturalism and careful, objective study from life. Unlike like-minded contemporary Caravaggio, however, Annibale Carracci was able to mix that revolutionary realism with the idealized perfection of classical and Renaissance art, thus pioneering a style of "idealized realism" that represented the middle path between the outlandish fantasy of Mannerism and the dark, gritty realism of Caravaggio and his followers.

It's a credit to Annibale Carracci that artists such as Poussin, Bernini and Rubens have admired his work and many of his assistant and pupils went on to become renowned artists in their own right, including Giovanni Lanfranco, Domenichino and Guido Reni.

Tags: Annibale Carracci Painting, Landcacpe with Fishing Scene.

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